Speaker Profile Q&A: Adel Hattem, Founder, DMusicMarketing

Adel Hattem founded DMusicMarketing in 2014. Based in Miami, the company focuses on developing non-Latin talent in Latin American markets. It has worked with labels such as Beggars Group, Domino Recordings, City Slang and Secretly Canadian Group, as well as artists like Major Lazer, Diplo, Bjork, Flume, and Zedd. Hattem is a bilingual marketing specialist with more than 20 years experience in the music-marketing world, including roles at Universal Music, EMI and BMG Entertainment, where she worked for artists including Arctic Monkeys, Placebo, Coldplay, Robbie Williams, David Guetta, Norah Jones and Katy Perry. Hattem is speaking as part of the 'Don’t Build That Wall: Latin America as the New Global Hitmaker' session at NY:LON Connect on January 24 .

:: What’s been the most exciting digital music trend or technology for you in 2017?
Interactive projects that accompany a release. This year, artists created video games (Japanese Breakfast), interactive videos (Major Lazer, Real Estate), short films (Yung Lean), VR (Björk), 360 (many), etc, which opens up new possibilities to truly connect with fans. It’s much more fun that the traditional ways.

The relation between storytelling and narrative with streaming engagement. Playlist placement has become a must now for most artist, specially when we talk about New Music Friday but what happens when you don’t get into NMF or after you get that artificial boost in streams that after a week dies off?

If you build and develop a mkt strategy with a narrative of the band then you can keep the relation between the two and build the profile.

:: What music startups have caught your eye in 2017?
Diggers Factory. The more accessible vinyl production becomes, the more people will be able to join the culture, which is healthy in an excessively digital world. It is one of the best ways to preserve music passion and connect with fans.

Soundcharts for insight - as marketers outside the label system we need ammunition to help the curate the campaigns. SoStereo: We love to match music and brands.

:: What do you think the biggest digital challenge will be for our industry in 2018?
Over saturation. Music trends will be more and more about money for ad campaigns and super creative marketing than actual quality of music. People will not be able to discern if they are liking the music because of the impeccable marketing strategies or the music itself and many great artist will get lost in the void if they don’t have a near perfect strategy figured out.

True fan engagement and adds to be transformed from streaming to live and loyalty towards the artist.

:: Which trends and technologies are worth keeping an eye out for in 2018?
AI-assisted music. I think it will grow tons in 2018 and will especially be present in opposite sides of the spectrum: experimental underground music and big budget pop music.

AI will generate new ways of creating and producing music and we will experiment new sounds and structures. But the interesting thing is: will listeners be aware of the difference between human made music and AI songwriting? Will it be a tech aspect to show off or a way to exploit robots for the benefit of the music industry?

The growing Latin market opportunities due to their growth on digital devices and good connectivity.

Tech: Soundcharts and Chartmetric

:: Which question/topic would you most like to see debated at NY:LON Connect?
The fact that the gap between the underground and mainstream is getting narrower and narrower. Mainstream music is embracing and adopting underground trends and culture really quickly, pushing the underground artists to innovate and be more forward-thinking, and at the same time, making mainstream music much more interesting. It also opens new doors. An underground artist can become a massive sensation overnight.

Emerging markets.

How do you measure success for artists? Is it streams, or ticket sales, or festival play, etc?