UMG exec: ‘Product placement in music videos is boring’

“Product placement in music videos. So what? It’s boring, actually. The new new business, it’s about how you can match the right talent with the right brands,” said Universal Music’s global head of new business Olivier Robert-Murphy at our NY:LON Connect conference yesterday. “You can create a story. You create content, branded content that is shareable, which you can measure very well.” Robert-Murphy was talking about Universal’s growing business working with brands, using its internal data on artists and their audiences to match them with the right partners. “If you’re listening to the Rolling Stones, I’m telling you, you’re drinking Coca-Cola not Pepsi… the data tells you this, and you can bring that data to brands and explain this is why that talent is relevant to your audience,” he said. Robert-Murphy also warned of some old pitfalls that can rear their heads in this modern world of brand partnerships. “You’re not going to ask a talent to represent a burger brand if he is a veggie. That doesn’t work. It’s a real example, by the way,” he said. “You should not consider an artist as a walking billboard.”

Source: Music Ally